what a beautiful day to look at a screen

How am I not myself?

How am I not myself...

How am I not myself...

Lindsay Steven Mann

Lindsay is a director, cinematographer, and editor. He has filmed Bruce Springsteen in Asbury Park, operated for Haskell Wexler, ASC., and assisted on Martin Scorsese's "Shine a Light." He studied Directing and Cinematography at Boston University, and has worked for over a decade in commercial directing/cinematography and independent film from New York to Australia.

Beechwood Film

Lindsay is founder/director of Beechwood Film, a full-service creative film and video production company. They have worked for more than a decade in narrative and documentary filmmaking, commercials, music videos, and branded content for broadcast and web. Beechwood Film supplies crews, equipment, and production expertise for projects big and small.

Pull-Start Pictures

Lindsay is also a contributing member of Pull-Start Pictures, a Maine-based documentary company. Pull-Start is focused on producing creative, non-fiction work of the highest caliber. Pull-Start seeks out stories that appeal to wide audiences - in Maine, around the country, and around the world.

I've sold my soul to:

  • Beechwood Film Audi
  • Beechwood Film New York Times
  • Beechwood Film Dannon
  • Beechwood Film Target
  • Beechwood Film Unilever
  • Beechwood Film Vice
  • Beechwood Film Sports Illustrated
  • Beechwood Film IBM
  • Beechwood Film Rolling Stone
  • Beechwood Film In Style
  • Beechwood Film PBS
  • Beechwood Film Loft

I am extremely lazy,

but I did do this:

The Search

I’ve spent the past few weeks editing a short documentary directed & filmed by Cecily Pingree. The film follows a Doctors Without Borders rescue ship in the Mediterranean Sea as the volunteer crew pulls thousands of migrants out of the water to safety. Nearly 280 miles span the Mediterranean Sea between Libya and Sicily. In 2016 alone, 180,000 people attempted to cross in rickety and unseaworthy boats in search safety. Over 5,000 lost their life.

Ensemble Series

I helped out the brilliant director, Charlie Mysak and DP Garrett Hardy Davis with "The Ensemble Series," an anthology compilation of short documentaries, highlighting an eclectic group of musicians and their music. The first of the series features famed trumpeter Avishai Cohen.

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